Access Control Solutions

Access Control Solutions

IDenticard access control systems restrict entry into your buildings, combine multiple card reader technologies, and positively identify your people. IDenticard partners with our customers to create access control systems that adapt to their changing security needs.

  • PremiSys™ Access Control Systems
    PremiSys™ access control system offers an impressive set of advanced features made available by today’s sophisticated technology. PremiSys is an attractive option to control building access for facilities of every size.
  • Biometric Security
    Biometric technologies read the unique characteristics of fingerprints, voice, facial and iris patterns to prove a person’s identity.
  • Card Readers
    IDenticard® physical access control systems work with a wide range of card readers including smart card, proximity, bar code, magnetic stripe, and biometric. The flexible design of our systems allow you to mix and match card reader technologies within the same system.
  • PC Log-in
    Protect the contents of your PC with a PC Log-in system. It automatically logs you out of our computer when unattended, and logs you back in using your ID card.

For more information, click here or call +6231 5615830.


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