PVC CARD for ID Badges


Standard white ID cardstock, magstripe cards, colored cards and more.  You will find them here in our catalog.

If you are looking for a card you can’t find, our ID card specialists would love to work with you to locate the perfect solution for your card printing needs.  We love working with our customers!

Standard PVC plastic cards are oten used for student ID, employee ID, membership card, retail loyalty card, access card and other applications.

These cards are commonly called “credit card” size PVC cards. They are also called CR-80 cards. The cards are 3.4″ wide, 2.15″ long. Normally they are .030” thick although there are uses for cards that are .010″, .024″ and .040″ ml thick.

The cards run through standard id card printer systems and produce every kind of printed card imaginable. The cards are flexible enough to be simple id cards or complex enough to hold a highly secure hologram and imbedded electronics storing important information.

Safe-Card ID provides id card printer systems and supplies to make simple and complex id cards. PVC cards of all types can be found in our online store or by a phone call to our ID card experts at +6231-5615830.

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